Internship Insights 2022

MECHA recently hosted its annual Internship Insights event! Many eager students were willing to learn from their peers about the ins & outs of the professional engineering industry. This year we brought together speakers from varied Mechanical & Mechatronics disciplines:

Suvarna is a Part 4 Mechatronics student passionate about aerospace and how we can send objects into orbit and beyond. She shared her experiences assembling components for plasma CNC machines at Kinetic Engineering and designing test rigs at Rocket Lab. 

Hamish is a 4th-year Mechanical Student, with his Part IV project working with the New Zealand Kitefoilers, optimising their equipment for the 2024 Paris Olympic games. He spoke about the two very different internships he has completed at FC Boats and Mercury Energy.

Alex is a Part IV Mechatronics engineer. Over the past two summers, he’s had two internships, the first with a software development team at Navico and the second with a process engineering team at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

Adi, a Part 4 Mechanical engineering student, shared his experience at NZ Dishwasher and WSP during his degree. With one being a hands-on job in the field and the other working was at in a corporate office, he shared the similarities and differences from his contrasting internships.

The event started with each speaker introducing their personal experience hunting for and working at their internships. We then went into a Q&A panel, where audience members were free to ask questions to any of the speakers! Finally, we finished off with sushi, drinks, and a bit of networking.

A big thanks to all the speakers for presenting at our event, and everyone else who attended! Overall the event was a success; we hope to see you at Internship Insights 2023!