Speed Interviews Sem 1 2023


You sit down at the desk. The interviewer gives you a strange look… How were you supposed to know you shouldn’t bring a calculator to an interview?? You shuffle a bit as you try to get comfortable just as you realise you haven’t even introduced yourself! And then it happens… They ask that fateful question: “So, tell me a bit about yourself?” 

Such a simple question, yet so convoluted. “What do they mean by myself? Do they mean my past? But truly is a past all that a person is? What if I don’t remember all of my past right now? Is this all a simulation?????”.

But just as you are about to question the meaning of everything you remember you went to MECHA’s Speed Interviews! You had this existential crisis about two weeks ago at a practice interview and you already worked out the answer!

🗓️ Tuesday, 16th of May

⏰ 6PM - 8:30PM

📍 MDLS Seminar Rooms 405-344