Assassins Week 2023

A dark cloud has fallen over the University of Auckland campus. It has been two days. So many have fallen, yet so many remain… You hear a creak and prepare to run. Your exit routes are planned. No trap can catch you. Oh… it’s just the Part I Assistance Centre setting up for their session. You try to compose yourself as they look at you, one leg on the table ready to dash.

Ever since assassin’s week started, uni has never been the same. The treacherous wait in line for the microwave. Darting glances over your shoulder as you move between lectures. They could be anywhere… You stare at the card in your hand with your target. “Who are you Jonathan Stringer????” Damn… should have gone to lectures. Some days you wonder whether all this bloodshed is worth it… but what about the prize… the glory of the victory… the procrastination of assignments… You hear footsteps coming up the stairs as you disappear into the labs…

Do you have what it takes to take out your cohort? Do you want to take your shot at the championship and put ✨“Assassin Emperor”✨ on YOUR CV?? If you would like to take up the challenge, sign up to MECHA’s Assassin Week in week 7 with the link below and show us what you’ve got!

Detailed instructions will be sent out closer to the time.