People of MECHA: Jaynie Ng

Jaynie first worked at JN Medsys in Singapore, within their product development department. More specifically, it was focused on digital PCR machines, researching how to improve the stability of the equipment, to factors such as light resistance. As a smaller company, the internship was very independent and self-reliant, but provided a very rewarding experience. 

Last year, Jaynie worked as an intern at Honeywell, focusing on Infrastructure in Commercial Security and ICT. Here, there was a much stronger emphasis on building professional soft skills, and more guidance was given at the larger company. Beyond just technical, Jaynie learnt a lot about what engineers do on a day to day, like documentation, attending meetings and working in teams. 

Do you have any tips for helping to get an internship?

Preparation is key

  • Invest some time researching into available engineering companies

    • Don’t be afraid to use personal contacts

    • Check out both big and small companies

    • A really good source are directories from professional engineering groups out there, such as HERA, MEG and ENZ

  • Have your CV and Cover letters prepared early on

  • Don’t be afraid to cold email companies with your interest for an internship there 

Make sure you practise:

  • Psychometric testing

  • Group assessments

  • Interviews 

    • Take opportunities to practise for these in a realistic setting

    • Attend speed interview nights hosted by ENZ, it’ll go a long way in just making you more comfortable being yourself in front of others 

  • Assessment Centres