People of MECHA: Ben Hemara

What companies did you work at and what did you do there?

Ben’s first internship was working at Gallagher, performing a range of tasks to provide support for the senior engineering staff. This included report writing, presentations, material testing, building/designing test rigs and operating a range of different testing equipment. 

Ben’s second internship was done at Aeroqual, where they specialised in making and designing air quality sensors. Here, Ben helped to install an industrial furnace and gained a lot of experience working with Raspberry Pis, something he’d never done before in University. Two of biggest takeaways was to be prepared and open to working on projects outside your comfort zone in industry but to always remember to ask for help if you need to. Working at a smaller company was definitely an experience Ben enjoyed, and although you might have a bit less range in the work you do, you do make a more noticeable impact within the company. 

Any advice for other students wanting an internship?

How to get an internship:

  • Don’t feel ashamed of using contacts to get a job. Remember, it’s not nepotism if everyone’s doing it

  • Getting an internship can be a long process, but don’t give up hope even if it’s already mid-November. It’s never too late to start

  • Be your “Best Self’ in your interviews

Once you’ve gotten the internship:

  • Socialise with your co-workers. Internships are more than just the work you do, but the people you do it with. Take the time to talk to your colleagues. 

    • You can learn so much from them and it makes work that much more enjoyable
  • Remember to take notes and pictures of the work that you did if you’re allowed to. It’ll help you so much when you’re writing your practical work report.